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Spare Parts

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Suitable for :
DuCaR Atom 15 FC
DuCaR Atom 15 PC
End plug - 3.2, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5 mm
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Impact Sprinkler Nozzles

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Suitable for :

DuCaR B25

DuCaR B30

DuCaR Atom 27

DuCaR Atom 28

DuCaR Atom 35 Series


Flex Rubber Nozzle Set

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Flex Rubber Nozzle Set 12mm - 14mm - 16mm Suitable for DuCaR Effluent sprinklers, Jet 35T and Jet 50T.
Suitable for :
DuCaR Green 70 - Green 100 - Jet 35 T - Jet 50 T
Sime Turbine Driven Sprinklers
Suitable for :
DuCaR Jet 50
DuCaR Green 150
DuCaR Dust Jet
Sime Skipper
Sime Mercury
Sime Duplex
Sime Synkro
Sime Klicker
Sime Senior

149-161 mm S/S Super Clamp

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Suction Hose

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104-112 mm M/S Super Clamp

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